Dramatically Improve Your SEO With The All In One Copy Audit, Rewrite & Tracking Tool

Natch helps you understand your copy the way Google does, generate new copy with one click and monitor for SEO critical changes - all in one tool. Get started now with a free trial.

NLP Analysis

Understand your copy

The way google does

Natch shows you how Google understands the people, places, products and services mentioned in your copy or the top ranked websites in your space. Use this knowhow to make changes to your copy & give Google what it's looking for. Gain an unfair SEO advantage over your competition.

  • Understand the entities Google considers your website content relevant for
  • Compare your content to your competitors or top ranking websites to inform your optimisation
  • Repeat the process until you’re happy with your scores against the top ranked competitors in your niche.
  • Deploy the changes to your live environment and watch as your Google visibility improves thanks to Google’s own tech informing the process.

Powered by

Natural language AI

Natch is powered by Google’s natural language processing AI, the same technology used in Google products like search. Why not let Google’s own technology inform your content optimisation process?

Is a person searching Google for “screwdriver” interested in the tool or the cocktail? Google uses the natural language processing AI to figure that out by analyzing content or search phrases and understanding the meaning as well as contextual meaning.

Natch allows you to use this AI to audit your copy and understand what Google considers it relevant for. You can then make changes until you land on the perfect copy for top scores in your niche. Make Natch the secret weapon in your SEO toolkit now.

Copy rewriter

AI powered

Copy Rewrites

Enter your copy into Natch, and with the click of one button and in a matter of seconds you’ll receive a brand new rewrite of that copy.

Natch uses machine learning models to understand your original copy and rewrite it from scratch, and does it so well it's indistinguishable from human-written copy.

Speed up

Your optimization

Natch’s AI saves you time and money. No more waiting for human copywriters or dedicating hours of your own time. Instead, use Natch copy rewriter to dramatically speed up the copy revision and Google optimization process

Natch copy rewriter and NLP analysis features are a match made in heaven. Use copy rewriter to quickly create new copy. Run that copy through the Natch NLP Analysis & learn how Google understands it. Repeat the process until you land on the perfect copy that gives Google exactly what it is looking for.

Content tracker


For your SEO

There’s nothing worse than perfecting your onsite SEO optimization only for it to change without you knowing. Whether it's a client making changes without telling you, or a team member updating something on your site, all that hard work can be undone in a matter of seconds, and the negative Google repercussions can last for months.

Natch content tracker means you don’t have to worry about mission critical SEO changes slipping through the cracks. Natch keeps an eye on your website content and alerts you when things have changed. You can quickly jump in and see what has changed and where and avoid any nasty surprises.

Get the

Full story + alerts

Natch crawls your tracked pages daily and keeps a log of any changes that you can review at any time in the Natch dashboard.

You’ll also receive alerts of any changes to your inbox. Use our native Slack integration to receive notifications right where you work. Need alerts somewhere else? You can build your own with a tool like Zapier.